Catch The Wind

Steve Postell
Steve Postell/Kevin Utsler


This is a rough mix of a song I wrote and recorded with Kevin Utsler. I started writing it in the woods at a retreat that was supposed to be silent...I had to break the rules and make a little music.


When I go back home, what's waitin for me there
Will I see things differently will I even care.
When I call your name, will you hear what I say
Will you hear me even though I may have lost my way.

Sailing out to sea, there's no land in sight
But I might find some peace out there If I catch the wind just right.
Tied up to the shore I was never to be free
Since I pulled my anchor up I'm sailing out to sea.

Even in my dreams, where I am not to blame
I can see things diamond clear, but nothing looks the same.
When you came to my door my heart began to burn
But I learned more about my life When you did not return.


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