Tonight is our 2nd night, special guests Heather Waters, Kara Grainger, Mitch Grainger. Last week was a blast with guests Dan Navarro & Amy Raasch. This week's band:

STEVE POSTELL: (guitar, train conductor) Jennifer Warnes,
John Oates, PPL
TARIQH AKONI: (guitar, tall dude) Christina Aguilara, Stevie Wonder, Huey Lewis
JON OSSMAN: (bass, big chief mohawk) Marc Cohn, Paula Cole
JEBIN BRUNI: (keys, fashionista) Aimee Mann, Liz Phair
CRAIG MACINTYRE: (drums, groovemeister) Josh Groban, Colbie Caillat

CELIA CHAVEZ: (voice, the cute one) Pink, Lili Hadyn

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