On Sept 3rd, 2006, I will have a birthday. I will be xx!@!!0.... let me try that again I will be $$#!X*?0 years old. Gee, some of the number keys seem to be sticking on my computer. Anyway, not knowing exactly what to do with myself, (Ashram in India? Climb a mountain in Tibet?) I called some great friends who happen to be incredible musicians, and asked them to play a gig with me in my hometown of New York City. I know...not very original, but it seems to make the most sense. I've been living in Los Angeles for a couple of years, where I have a great studio with my friend Steve Ferrone, but I was born & raised in Manhattan, will always really be a New Yawker. I played my first gig in the city in 19!x&$// ... there go those keys again! So please come join me and Steve Holly, Marc Shulman, Mike Veseglia, my sister Sue, and other special guests as we play some new and old songs of mine on Sept. 5th, Tuesday night, 7:30pm , The Cutting Room : 19 W.24th Street, New York City (212) 691-1900 No cakes, no cards, no presents, just come hang out, listen to some tunes...and feel free to tell me how young I look. I hope to see you there, All the best, Steve

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